A Life Update…

These past two years have been very busy, we house hunted for much of the start of 2021 and managed to find a home in an area that we both love. We bought a car as well, and then spent the summer with family after not being able to see them since the start of COVID. In the fall we got pregnant and then shortly after moved into our new home. My first trimester of pregnancy left me absolutely exhausted, to the point where I wondered if I was anemic (I was not, that would come later in the second trimester). Between pregnancy and setting up house, I couldn’t really see the point in job hunting/starting a new job, plus my focus was absolutely terrible, reading was such a challenge and I would often find myself having to read the same paragraphs multiple times in order to get any semblance of comprehension. This was made a lot worse when I experienced my first panic attack in my last trimester (of which I will not get into detail). Then in the summer of 2022 Baby A was born, and she is an absolute joy, and somehow reading got easier even though sleep deprivation became a very real thing (it was definitely the hormones). We’ve had our ups and our downs as a family, but I am truly loving being a full-time mom at this period in my life. In those first couple months I did feel like I didn’t know myself, and like my body was no longer mine, but it wasn’t too difficult to bounce back and to add “mother” to my list of what makes me me. I think this process was made easier by the fact that I didn’t have a job to return to, and that my front-and-center hobby of reading is still very much an active hobby. What I was starting to miss was reviewing! While I don’t feel like I’m at the same brain capacity I was before pregnancy, I do still enjoy critiquing what I am reading and I’m hoping to slowly ease my way back into a more critical type of book reviewing. I do also have several reviews drafted out from prior years that I want to post. So let’s get back to it! And include some posts about motherhood too :P.


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