Manga Reviews: Lovesick Ellie Volume 4, 5, & 6

Lovesick Ellie follows a young woman named Ellie who is a self-proclaimed pervert and is fixated on the most popular boy in school, Ohmi. A chance encounter with Ohmi reveals Ohmi’s true nature, leads to them getting closer, and maybe to Ellie’s fantasies becoming a reality.

Series: Lovesick Ellie
Volume 4
Author: Fujimomo
First published: 2015
Ongoing: yes
Rating: 4.25/5 stars
Date read: April 30, 2020

After the events of the previous volume Ellie and Ohmi have worked out their latest conflict but now finals are just around the corner and Ellie should be more concerned than she is about her grades, otherwise how will she get the chance to spend the holidays with Ohmi?

I thought Ohmi was such a sweet boyfriend in this volume. It’s really nice to see him taking to heart Ellie’s insecurities, and making changes accordingly. I also really appreciated how annoyed Ohmi got over people taking advantage of Ellie, though I’m still waiting for her to find her own voice. Watching her character develop over the course of each volume is one of my favourite aspects of the series and it was especially sweet seeing Ellie getting along better with her classmates. She’s slowly breaking free from her shell, at an organic and believable pace. Ellie did stress me out a bit in this volume in that her loss of focus when it came to school was a bit alarming, and I felt like I cared lot more about her grades than she herself did. 

I’m also still not sure how I feel about Sara and Reo’s relationship, I root for them more than not, but I want more backstory between the two and I’m hoping Sara will start being nicer to Reo. Kaname makes his official appearance in this volume, I always enjoy it when a mysterious boy is introduced and he did not disappoint. Like all common tropes, Lovesick Ellie does something a bit different with him. Kaname doesn’t come off as a likeable character because he speaks his mind a bit too freely and doesn’t quite seem to grasp social cues, but I found this really refreshing and I’m looking forward to his future interactions with Ellie. But what really got me was the second half of the volume, our girl is always stuck in her own head and can’t fathom the idea of Ohmi wanting the same things she does, this creates some really adorable scenes between the two with Ohmi really frustrated over his inability to properly convey his feelings. This was my favourite volume so far and my face hurts from smiling over it.

Volume 5
Rating: 3.75/5 stars
Date read: May 4, 2020

Volume 5 picks up right where volume 4 left off, with Ellie going over to Ohmi’s house.

So this was probably my least favourite volume so far because it featured one of my least favourite shoujo manga scenarios. I won’t ever be a fan of a childhood friend/step-sibling/cousin being introduced into the mix for what seems like the sole purpose of causing tension between the main couple. I already feel enough for Ellie and her insecurities that I don’t need some girl causing trouble for her. Sakura was a pretty annoying character, but overall I am pretty pleased with the way the drama was handed and the resolution it came to. I’m also super thankful this story arc only lasted one volume. It was also really nice seeing Ellie stick to her resolve and standing up for herself. 

Volume 6
Rating: 4/5 stars
Date read: May 18, 2020

Volume 6 of Lovesick Ellie is our Valentine’s Day volume, though the theme is for the most part, surprisingly, more on friendship than on romance. Kaname is also causing tension in Ellie’s relationships, in more ways that one. 

Lovesick Ellie just keeps growing on me. I have such a soft spot for this series. I find Ellie and her awkwardness so endearing, and her friendship with Sara is so cute, and her relationship with Ohmi is so clumsy and sweet. It’s always so fun when your two protagonists have such great chemistry. Ellie really brings out Ohmi’s shy but demanding side and I love it so much.

I appreciated that one of the major conflicts in this volume was between Sara and Ellie, it’s great to see that friends don’t always get along, and that friendships also require time and effort. I especially liked that the two girls also had a conversation about sex. Sex is not something that is often discussed in shoujo and I appreciated Sara’s positive attitude towards it. As for Sara and Reo, I still don’t really understand why she acts the way she does around him, though I imagine we’ll eventually find that out. The two shared some really cute scenes in this instalment and Reo is such a sweet guy.

As for that last chapter, I really enjoyed the first half, but was really surprised by how things ended. I just didn’t expect Lovesick Ellie to do something so typical. I do think Kaname is a good rival though, in that he’s easy to root for and his interactions with Ellie are super cute. Obviously I still prefer Ohmi though.

Also, props to Kaname for finally telling off Tanaka. While it would have been more satisfying if Ellie was the one to do it, I still enjoyed that scene immensely. 

If you’ve read Lovesick Ellie or plan to, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy reading! 💗


Manga Reviews: Lovesick Ellie Volumes 1, 2, & 3

Series: Lovesick Ellie
Volume 1
Author: Fujimomo
First published: 2015
Ongoing: yes
Rating: 4/5 stars
Date read: December 31, 2019

Lovesick Ellie follows a young woman named Ellie who is a self-proclaimed pervert and is fixated on the most popular boy in school, Ohmi. A chance encounter with Ohmi reveals Ohmi’s true nature, leads to them getting closer, and maybe to Ellie’s fantasies becoming a reality.

Lovesick Ellie is off to a great start. Ellie is one of those wallflower protagonists who doesn’t have many, if any, friends. She’s likeable, easy to root for, and easy to sympathize with given the way her classmates make no effort with her. Ellie’s perverted nature can get a bit awkward at times, but it’s more hilarious than it is weird (and it’s pretty weird). I love Ellie’s interactions with Ohmi, they’re so cute, and even though she’s often thinking perverted things they’re very wholesome. I like that Ohmi accepts Ellie for who she is right off the bat, and that he’s comfortable being himself around her, I’d say that’s a pretty good premise and reason for liking a girl. But Ellie and Ohmi aren’t the only fun characters, I love the addition of Sara to the cast. Lovesick Ellie does something unique with her introduction, in that initially it seems like Sara is using Ellie to get closer to Ohmi but in reality really does just want to be her friend. Chapter four is pretty much your typical festival chapter, with a potential rival thrown in, but I’m interested to see Fujimomo’s take on it.

Volume 2
Rating: 4/5 stars
Date read: January 31, 2020

Volume 2 of Lovesick Ellie picks up right where we left off last volume, with Ellie and Ohmi stranded after the festival.

It’s a pretty common occurrence in shoujo manga that the main couple gets stranded, has to stay at a hotel, thinks about doing the deed, but ultimately doesn’t. I like that Lovesick Ellie did things differently, and more realistically, in that Ohmi called his uncle for a ride home. When we were introduced to Aoba, I expected him to be a rival for Ohmi, but of course Lovesick Ellie isn’t your typical shoujo and goes about things a bit differently. Aoba isn’t really acting like a rival and while he does bring out Ohmi’s jealous side he makes no actual passes at Ellie, and I feel like his character is present more to give insight into Ohmi’s past than anything else. Ohmi’s backstory isn’t overly moving or anything (mind you I never think manga does backstories particularly well as they always seem to hinge on some sort of event) but I did find this one a lot more believable. I definitely have a soft spot for this series, Ellie is a super weird protagonist but she’s also very endearing. She’s different from other shoujo protagonists in that she’s weird and she embraces it. I also just really like Ohmi as a love interest, they’re well suited for each other.

Volume 3
Rating: 4/5 stars
Date read: April 18, 2020

Is all of Ellie’s hard work and studying finally paying off?

I think this was the best volume of Lovesick Ellie so far. It took a lot of typical shoujo tropes and flipped them on their heads. Instead of the typical “bland girl gets bullied for being with the popular boy” scenario, we have a misunderstanding and Ellie’s peers think Ohmi is dating Sara and they target her instead. As much as I don’t like this trope, I did enjoy seeing Lovesick Ellie poke fun at it. Ohmi wasn’t great at communicating his feelings to Ellie in the last few chapters (I’m pretty impressed at his communication with Ellie aside from this), but I think the problem was addressed and fixed pretty quickly. I can definitely forgive miscommunication when it’s resolved right away, and when said resolution is as cute as this one was. In fact every resolution they had in this volume was adorable, and I love how much Ohmi reassures Ellie when she’s feeling insecure. As wild as Ellie’s imagination can get, her insecurities towards her first kiss were very endearing and something I’m sure a lot of young people can relate to. Romance aside, one of my favourite aspects of Lovesick Ellie is Ellie’s relationship with Sara. I love that Ellie and Sara confide so much in each other, and find their friendship super sweet. Shoujo manga is killing it lately with the friendships. I LOVE me a rival so naturally I’m super excited about the next volume. 

If you read Lovesick Ellie or plan to, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy reading! 💗